"Discover the beauty of Morocco"


The most important information you will need if you travel with us…

What is a trip code?

A trip code helps you (and us) to identify a tour. It is shorter than the name of the tour, thus easier to use as a reference. 

The trip code consists of five letters (or numbers) as follows: the 1st and the 2nd letters stand for the region (AC: Atlantic coast; HA: High Atlas; SH: Sahara etc.) and the last ones (letters or numbers) stand for the name of the tour.



What is a proposed trip?

Proposed trips are predefined itineraries we recommend for you. You can either take one of them or use them as a starting point for a suit-tailored tour. Please, note that in the latter case if there are significant modifications, our offer will be regarded as a private (suit-tailored) tour and different fee may apply.



What is a public or publicly available tour?

From time to time we make some of our proposed trips available for anyone at predefined starting dates. You can find these tours in ‘Starting soon’ section. Anyone, who wishes to travel with us can join these trips given s/he accepts all terms and conditions regarding that particular trip.

Please note that for public tours no modification of the itinerary, accommodation style or that of the starting date is possible, however single accommodation can be available.



One of your proposed or public trips is just perfect for me and/or for my friends/family. What should I do?

Make sure you read through and accept our ‘Terms and conditions’ and all the conditions included in the tour description.

Then e-mail us with the following info: what trip you chose (trip code and name of the trip), the date of your arrival, number of people in the group, data for each participants (name, nationality, date of birth), room allocation (i.e. number of double and single rooms you need) and contact details. We will soon contact you with further details and/or pre-confirmation of your booking.



I would like to travel with Happy Morocco Tours but not any of your proposed trips are perfect for me. Can you help me to make a customized trip?

Sure, we can. Based on your needs and requirements we are happy to make a special trip customized to your needs (so called private or suit-tailored trip). Visit our ‘Private tours’ site or let us know what you want and we will make our best to find the perfect itinerary for you.



I would like to travel with you but I don’t have any travelmates. What should I do?

Book one of our publicly available tours or visit our ‘Fellow traveller’ site where you can either create a short ad to find mates or browse what others posted. If you do not want to post send us an e-mail indicating the name or the code of your preferred trip or destination as well as the date of your planned trip and we will do our best to find your fellow travellers.



How can I pay?

Currently there are two options for paying us. You can either pay via bank transfer or send us money via Western Union or Moneygram. The last instalment of the tour fee (20% of the total fee) can also be paid in cash at the beginning of the tour.



Do I have to pay an advance payment?

Yes, 40% of the total price (including e.g. additional charge for single room or pre- or post-stay) should be paid at the time of booking. (No confirmation is possible before we receive the first advance.)

Another 40% (adding up to 80%) should be paid (received by us) 30 days before the tour starts.

As for the rest, we should either receive it two days before the tour starts or it should be paid to the tour leader in cash at the beginning of the tour.

Please note that without paying for the total price you cannot participate in the tour, even if you paid for any or both of the advance payments. Thanks for your understanding.



I was to go, paid in advance but can’t make it finally. What can I do?

If you wish to cancel the tour you booked, please inform us as soon as possible.

Please note that in case of cancellation we are forced to charge you a so-called service fee, which is a percentage of the total tour fee as follows: within 60-36 days 10%, within 35-30 days 40%, within 29 days or in case of no-show 100%. In case you decide to cancel your trip more than 60 days before departure, all fees already paid will be reimbursed after deducting costs of receiving and reimbursing your payment.

Nevertheless, depending on the type of the tour and the timing of cancellation, we might be able to reschedule your tour in order to minimise your costs of the cancellation.



For my personal expenses should I take cash, travel cards or credit/debit cards with me?

It is absolutely up to your preferences. Many currencies (EUR, USD, GBP etc.) are changed in the banks, exchange offices or even in the hotels, however exchange rates may vary.

EURO and USA travel cheques can be changed in the banks (in cities) as well.

To withdraw cash ATM machines are also available in cities.

For more info see ‘Travel tips’.



When is the best time for visiting Morocco?

The best time to visit Morocco is March-April and September-October. However if you wish to avoid the high season (with higher rates and lots of fellow tourists), we recommend to take a trip in other periods, and rather be prepared for colder or hotter weather (depending on the season).

(Please note, that due to climate extremities in the inland, we do not propose to take Sahara tours in the summer and High Atlas tours in the winter.)



What is the time difference in Morocco?

Morocco is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)) year-round. However daylight saving time is introduced, i.e. during summer there is a time shift of one hour (GMT+1) which is interrupted during Ramadan. For the current time please visit ‘Travel tips’ section.



Do I need a visa to enter Morocco?

For citizens from (most of) the European Union, United States and Canada no visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days. However depending on your nationality, your passport has to be valid for at least three or six months after date of entry to Morocco and you should also have a return ticket. Before coming to Morocco (or even before booking with us) please check visa requirements for citizens of your country or ask the nearest Moroccan consulate or embassy.



Do I need to take any vaccination before travelling to Morocco?

No obligatory vaccinations are required for visitors from most countries (except those where yellow fever exists) to enter the country. However vaccination against hepatitis A and B and typhoid is recommended. Before arriving, please check with your local vaccination centre for the latest information.



Do I need to take an electricity adaptor with me?

Moroccan electricity network is of 220V and the socket-outlets are of European type.

International adaptors are very hard to find within the country, so we advise you to bring your own if you need one.



Is it common to give a tip in Morocco?

Yes, Morocco is a tipping country, i.e. tips are regarded as essential means of supplementing income and are of great significance for those working in many sectors (incl. tourism).

So if you are satisfied with the services during your tip, feel free to give a tip (in cafés and restaurants, for porters, drivers, muleteers, your guide etc.), it will be surely appreciated. For more info about tipping, visit ‘Travel tips’.



For more info visitTerms and conditionsandTravel tips