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Terms and conditions

Please make sure you read and understood our terms and conditions before you book with us… 



  • The maximum size of groups is 14 persons.
  • No children under 4 years can participate in our trips.
  • Children aged between 4 and 14 can only take part in family trips (tours ‘For families’ or ‘Recommended for families’).



Conditions for travelling with Happy Morocco Tours


In case of travelling with us you should accept to:

  • be flexible in case of varying circumstances and modified itineraries or other conditions;
  • be able to accept different cultures, including local people and your travel mates;
  • respect the local traditions, habits and way of living;
  • be polite and liberal with your travel mates, guide, driver(s) and anyone we will have contact during the trip;
  • avoid offending people around you;
  • avoid using illegal drugs.



Prices and discounts


  • Prices on our website – unless stated otherwise in the tour description – are given for one person and in case of a group of at least 8 people. (Groups with less participants are subject to an extra fee (per person), while larger groups booking together can get a discount. For a customized offer and further information please contact us.)
  • Children aged between 4 and 12 are entitled for a discount (in case of shared accommodation with parents).
  • Our prices include standard double-room accommodation. If you wish other type of accommodation (cheaper or more comfortable or single room), please let us know at the time of booking. Please note however that in some places it is not possible to change the type of accommodation. (See also ‘Accommodation Disclaimer’ below.).
  • Flights to and from Morocco as well as airport transfer within Morocco (except otherwise stated) are not included. It is possible to book airport transfer with us however it is subject to an extra fee. (For airport transfer possibilities please contact us.)
  • For further information on services and costs included in the price of a trip please see ‘Trip notes’ section for all trips.
  • Please note that prices are subject to change, due to changes in the costs of the trip, especially in case of tours booked well in advance. Any increase exceeding 8% entitles you to change for another tour or cancel your trip without any consequences (i.e. no deposit will be lost). However as a condition of booking you accept to pay the modified price if the increase is less than 8% compared to the prices included on our website or given as part of a customized offer for you. Prices cannot be modified less than 20 days before departure.





  • Online booking is not possible on our website.
  • If you wish to book any of our proposed or public trips, please send us an e-mail with the following information:
    • name and code of the trip you wish to take;
    • date of planned starting;
    • number of participants;
    • name, nationality, date of birth for each participants and
    • contact details.
  • After receiving your booking we will send you a pre-confirmation invoice and details about paying.
  • Please note that booking will be confirmed only after we have received the deposit (see next section).
  • If you are interested in our suit-tailored tours visit 'Private tours' section or e-mail us about your wishes and preferences, and we will send you an offer soon.





  • At the time of booking you are expected to pay 40% of the total tour fee (including e.g. additional charge for single room or pre- or post-stay) as a deposit. Another 40% should be paid (received by us) no later than 35 days before departure. Both instalments can be paid via banktransfer or direct money transfer (Western Union or Moneygram). 
  • The rest (the last 20%) should be paid either in cash to your guide in the beginning of the trip or sent via bank transfer or direct money transfer before departure. In the latter case, please make sure that we receive the total tour fee no later than two days before departure.
  • Please note that costs of payment(s) (either transferred via bank or by direct money transfer) are not included in the tour price, all such costs shall be borne entirely by you (the passenger).       
  • Please note that in case you are not able to pay the total tour fee (including costs of payment) by the beginning of the tour, we will be forced to exclude you from the trip and you will not be able to participate in it. In such cases no deposit will be reimbursed. Thanks for your understanding.



Cancellation and money refund


  • If you wish to cancel the tour you booked, please inform us as soon as possible.
  • Please note that in case of cancellation we are forced to charge you a so-called service fee, which is a percentage of the total tour fee as follows: within 60-36 days 10%, within 35-30 days 40%, within 29 days or in case of no-show 100%. Service charge is due at the time of cancellation or no-show or within 8 days of those at the latest and it can be paid either via bank transfer or direct money transfer. All fees already paid will be reimbursed after deducting the service fee to be applied as detailed above. In case you decide to cancel your trip more than 60 days before departure, all fees already paid will be reimbursed after deducting costs of receiving and reimbursing your payment.
  • Depending on the type and itinerary of your tour – and if external circumstances allow – we are happy to reschedule your tour instead of cancellation. In such a case all or part of the tour fees already paid can be used to cover the fees of the new (rescheduled) tour. (However please note that we cannot guarantee the possibility of reschedule in all cases.) 
  • In case you leave the trip meanwhile (once it already started) of your own accord or for other reasons – beyond our responsibility – we will not be able to pay your money back.
  • If we have to cancel the trip for any reasons beyond our own control – i.e. act of God, natural or industrial disasters, political or civil instability or terrorism etc. – the deposit and any other costs (e.g. flight ticket, insurance, vaccination) incurred in connection to your planned travel will not be reimbursed.
  • In case you want to change the date or itinerary of the booked trip, please contact us. Possibility of any modification is depending on the availability and conditions may vary occasionally. We will do our best to meet your needs and to comply with your requests.
  • In case the number of passengers in any tour does not reach the minimum number given in tour description and the tour is cancelled, the fee already paid is either reimbursed or can be used for another tour.





  • Happy Morocco Tours is not holding liability for any losses, injuries or delays during our trips.
  • Insurance is not included in our prices however we require that you have travel insurance covering all your adventure activities and includes emergency airlift insurance and medical insurance as well. Contact your insurance company to understand your coverage as some policies do not include adventure travel or air transportation in case of unexpected emergencies.
  • Please bring a copy of your policy as proof of coverage will be required to participate in our trips.



Information Disclaimer


  • The information about Morocco and travelling in Morocco included on our website has been compiled with care and in good faith. However it can not be regarded as official and is subject to change. For official information please contact the embassy or consulate of Morocco in your country.



Itinerary Disclaimer


  • Itineraries featured on our website are correct at the time of printing. Our intention is to adhere to the routes described however due to our style of travelling and weather conditions, travel can be unpredictable. Thus a certain amount of flexibility is built in our itineraries in case it is necessary or desirable (for your safety) to make changes as circumstances vary.
  • The documents provided shall be regarded as general guide but any mention of specific destinations or highlights by no means guarantee that they will be visited or encountered.
  • In addition, any travel times or distances given are approximations only and subject to vary due to local circumstances.



Accommodation Disclaimer


  • Information provided on accommodation shall be regarded as for information only. The actual accommodation given for any destination may vary in certain cases due to local circumstances. However we guarantee that on average you will have the same level of service as included in the itinerary.
  • For further information on accommodation see 'General Trip Info'.



By booking with us, you agree that you have fully read and understood all the above and accepted the conditions of travelling with Happy Morocco Tours. You also accept all the risks involved in travelling and take full responsibility of your actions and behaviour.



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