"Discover the beauty of Morocco"

Day trips and excursions

If your time is short or you prefer to spend the nights in Marrakech instead of travelling around... 

Our daily programs and short trips help you to discover the best places in and around Marrakech. They are the perfect solution if your schedule is tight and you have only couple of days or if you prefer spending nights in Marrakech instead of travelling around and spending each night in a different place. 


Part of these programs is available as private trips or as joining excursions. (Please see below for more details.)

In case of private trips you or your group has its own car and you do not have to share with or adapt to other people (strangers). These trips are recommended for groups of at least 4 people (because of economical considerations) or for those who wish to travel on their own instead of sharing with others.

In joining trips, you will join others for the day (or for couple of days) as participants (upto 14) are collected from different hotels. Joining tours are recommended for individual travellers and those who are on tight budget as these tours are usually more affordable.


We offer the following daily programs: 


  • Around Marrakech:
  • By the Atlantic Coast
    • Essouira – 1 day (joining or private)
  • In the Sahara and Pre-Sahara area
    • Zagora – 2 days (joining or private)
    • Merzouga – 3 days (joining or private)
    • Merzouga and Zagora – 4 days (joining or private)
  • Note: to learn about the difference between private and joining trips, please visit here.


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