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How to use a Moroccan toilet?

Do not be afraid of Moroccan style toilets, they are not difficult to use...

In Morocco it is very common to find squat toilets in bus or trains stations, local restaurants and rural areas. Squat toilets are the upscale versions of ‘long-drops’, i.e. they are not simply a hole in the ground, but they can also be flushed down from a tank or with a bucket of water.


Many people are afraid of using squat toilets because they think squat toilets are uncomfortable but they have some important advantages as well. In fact squat toilets are much more hygienic and healthier than western toilets and with some practice they become easy to use.



  1. Once you enter the squat toilet, you will find a small tap with a bucket or bowl underneath. This bucket can be used for washing yourself and for flushing down the toilet once you finished.
  2. To use the toilet put your feet on the foot rest (the two parts on either side of the hole) and get into squat position. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground to get a better balance and it is more comfortable. (When you pull your pants, it is better to roll them up to make sure they do not get wet as these toilets are usually wet on the ground. Before you take squatting position, make sure you don’t have any valuable in your pockets as it would not be fun to retrieve them if fallen down. )
  3. Go ahead and finish your business by aiming for the hole. Move a bit forward or backwards if you are not aiming very well (without losing your balance). Don't worry, it gets better with practice (and even locals miss it sometimes…).
  4. Once you finished, you can use water (bucket) to rinse yourself or you can use (your own) toilet paper or wet tissues. (However do not flush the paper – and definitely not the wet tissues – down as it can clog the plumbing. (It might be useful to have a paper bag with you in case there is no trash bin around.)
  5. Fill the bowl or the bucket from the tap (or tank if there is any) and use it to flush. Pour the water along the side of the squat toilet so it swirls around and cleans the whole bowl before going down. (If the bucket or bowl was filled when you came in, be courteous to the next person and refill it before you leave.)


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